Warrior of the Serengeti
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Dusk as "Duna" - the other character in the "Dante" set by CWRW (HiveWire)
Wearing the Tribal Ornaments (arm bands/leggings) by Gadget Girl and CWRW (HiveWire)
His hair is "Frizzy Short Hair for Dawn" by ile Avalon (HiveWire) which fits Dusk well!
Dusk's "Loin-Cloth" with matching texture by CWRW (HiveWire)

Pose is based on Island Girl's but re-worked by me.
Spear is from "Jungle Weapons Pack" by Ken1171 (HiveWire) with the
 spear head material changed by me via Photoshop.

I created the background by using the old DAZ Cyclorama's original jpg image
(the top half of the background) and then putting LisaB's Simmering Summer -
 Sandy jpg image onto Flink's Ultimate ground. I changed the green grasses
on that ground texture to the dead grass coloring in Photoshop,
then added LisaB's Tall Grass (color adjusted in post also), some of Flink's weeds
and some old Reed Grass from RDNA warped to match bend in the wind
showing on the cyclorama's image background... Various blurring for distance. 

Distant Lions were from Ilona's 2D African animals from DAZ

Little Meerkats by Debra Ross (DAZ)

Noggin's Butterfly (DAZ) with new wings by me. I used a So. African Black and White butterfly
(from a public domain photo by Greg Hume.) These butterflies are sometimes called
"Rice paper" butterflies. I had a hard time finding the true name or "nick name".

Last but never least I added the White Browed Scrub Robin from Ken's Africa bird set!
I also added the very distant raptors via Ron's Bird brushes.

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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