Lyne's Creation's Original Poser Ducks!
The little ducks that started it all - My very first models:
fathermallard2.jpg (34458 bytes)  mommallard2.jpg (32876 bytes)
..have become High Resolution NEW Flying & Folded Wing Ducks!
See Below!

FlyingMallardPrev2.jpg (87207 bytes)
Yes the feet come down and this duck will be able to land
and take off! Preset and Ready Pose ducks will be included!

Click here to see the re-modeled standing- folded wing
duck  and click here to see the new Wood Ducks!!


As thanks to all the people who bought my original ducks -
this new set will be several species of flying duck,
IS NOW FREE!! with all the re modeled new
matching new "folded wing ducks"!
Ready Pose static model Ducks are in a separate set!

Also for all of April 2004, all orders that
include the new ducks will have free shipping world wide!
Date of release: Now!
Want to see the new Mallard Mom and duckling?

Now added: Green Winged Teal Pair!

Comments? Questions?
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