Dress Rehearsal
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With Ken talking about re-fitting his race-horse tack to the HiveWire horse, I got "the bug"
to try using Lyrra's
Tack Conversion Kit on his Mil Horse racing tack... weell... it works
pretty well but it will be SO much easier once the "real thing" is available. It took me about
a dozen "fix renders" (ie: rendering the blinker hood with no bridle over it, and vise versa, etc.)
to set all up in layers to end up with this... I look forward to his "rein-straight" dial too, as the
reins while racing have to be quite taut. Also it took two renders for the racing bridle path
needed for the hood and bridle, so another two renders - one with mane, one without... And
on it went...resulting in a heck of a LOT of post work.  I hand painted the horse shoes on
Harry but next time I'll take the time to position Hai Gan's freebie horse shoe right in Poser.

I used Ken's race track as well, adding a bit of motion blur for the fence, and some
noise/splatter filter effects on the dirt, then I used Ron's "powder brushes" (DAZ)

With no POSER racing clothing, I used Dusk's skinny jeans/long sleeve shirt with materials
from parrotdolphin's materials for Poser. (can't live without those!!) I used a photo for the
goggles/helmet, changing the color and other aspects.  This is Dusk SE, but with some dirt
on his face (via burn tool - splotchy smudge brush).  The pose for the horse is from Daio's
Show Off for the HiveWire Horse, and the jockey pose is mine.  OH and the boots Dusk is
wearing are the Riding Boots for V4 by idler168 from Rendo. With a Left & Right boot, I
could position them on Dusk and make his shins and feet invisible.  I did a LOT of post on
the boot too, trying to make it look a little more like a jockey boot. GOSH, I wish we had
proper racing clothes- boots, helmet, etc.!!  I did a lot of scale-dialing, etc. Harry here is the
default Harry, so I'm pretending this is a quarter horse race, while waiting the new TB morph.

Lastly, I added the sky/tree background with the panoramic size photo from Piles Of Cotton
set of cloud skies by PhotoGG (HW), as well as a couple of Eurasian Jay birds by SBRM Ken!

as always: Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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