My Dream Journal
started June 2016

I started this journal because my therapist suggested it-she said that she didn't remember any of her dreams until she took a semester course on dreams with regards to her study on psychology. She said she wrote them down whatever scraps she could remember and after about a month she started remembering at least 4 dreams a night! I do know that when a person uses actual pen and paper that this creates a conduit directly from the mind to paper… So the first night I took my tablet and I wrote:

"I want to remember more of my dreams"… And it started helping me remember more of my dreams right away!  I suppose that's because I've read books on the subject and I'm hyperaware of my dreams in the first place. I decided to put this here, as it is a part of me and I share everything about myself on this website. This website is part of my legacy that I will be behind me for people to muse over if they want to know more about who I was in this life.

Before I started writing them down, but still within the past couple of weeks I had some pretty awful nightmares (at the time I was trying to get up the courage to cold call a new dentist!)

Dream 1… Billy Sideswiping my big blue car with his small yellow one and me being yellow marked dents in the side of my car. I was really upset! A mixture of anger and frustration.

Dream 2… I was cleaning a public toilet by taking all the big parts of it apart and scrubbing it with cleanser to make it safe for me to be using in public. (This was not a nightmare it's just a curious dream and very obviously because of my agoraphobia and germ phobia and low immune system)

 Dream 3…lying on the ground facing  Daryl and he was shooting me with a Gatling gun! I was in absolute fear for my life and I was being killed! (This is very definitely my fear of going to the dentist and not being able to wear my germ mask and protect myself!)

June 9
 I hit a man with the right front corner of my car, I could see his wound on the inside of his groin. I offered to pay him. He was still so sore later when the bandages were pulled off. I felt bad but he had caught in front of my car in the first place… This person seemed like Brian. The man's wife was more demanding that I pay for things, but he was more of a wimp. (Note: hitting him with the car felt like a physical jolt.… Very similar to the jolt I have just felt from a real earthquake before had come to bed that night.)

June 10
I woke with just fragments of a dream left in my mind… A tribal Council with policemen, a Tarzan like guy. (I did just complete an art piece with Tarzan in it and I'm rather "in love with the Tarzan character model and skin for poser… LOL!)    This was a good feeling long story dream

June 11
I think I was married and there were friends around… We had driven to a park. The feeling was good in this dream, peaceful and happy. Then I just "knew" I was pregnant. I was keen about the reality of having a another child… I said out loud I'm pretty intuitive so I think I will be a good  Mother (now in real life I was not a very knowledgeable/good mother for my son, but I'm intuitive about my cat's well-being). Then I got into the car and I wanted to change parking spots to be closer to the edge of the grass area. The parking spots had those cement "stops" in the front of each. I got the bright idea that I wanted to drive over them. I looked at my husband and I said, do you think I can? He seem to think it was a possibility but that it was up to me to decide if I wanted to go all the way around or I wanted to try going right over them, straight to the parking spot I preferred. So I got behind the wheel and started to try to drive over them. The car hit the stop and the back and went way up in the air! It hesitated at the top and hung there and I looked at my husband and then the car's  back end came down with a great thump. Suddenly there was a police officer there writing out and handing me a ticket for trying to do that. I sat there for quite a while studying the words on the ticket trying to find out if I had to go in to court or something to pay it, or I could pay it by simply sending the $70 in the mail. I woke up.