Donkey Morphs for the Poser Horse
from my modified Mule Morph

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lynesdonkey.jpg (34618 bytes)    donkeyfoal.jpg (23955 bytes)

This adult donkey image has been retouched in Photoshop, with my fur brushing
technique, and a little smudge to shorten the horse's mouth line.
This Zygote Poser Horse Donkey Morph
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Available at:
planit3d180.jpg (17127 bytes)

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  and included in the donkey are Bloodsong's horse teeth/tongue,
and knobby knees morphs!  Thanks Bloodsong!
I painted the texture map in Photoshop5 

NEW! A donkey foal!  Donna (the creator of the foal) has given
me permission to offer this!

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