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Dawn Dawn as Shiora by Tempesta3d (I do love this character!!)
She wears the Castaways outfit by Nerd3D & Ryverthorn (HW)
Her Hair is "KirieT" hair by Fabiana from Renderosity. 
Her necklace is Fabi's for Dawn (LeafLife2 at HW) and the tooth is from Ken's
Royal Hawaiian outfit for Dusk (made necklace invisible, sized and placed tooth)

Diva (young girl created from Dawn) also as Shiora by Tempesta3d, (with no tats)
"wearing" (I faked it!) Luna's Elfin tunic, with parrotdolphin's fur material,
and Lulu Hair (with pigtails/bows hidden).

Dawn rides a Triceratops, Diva rides an Ornitholestes and there are two
Archaeopteryx flying around - All by Dinoraul who does such high quality dinos!! 
Yes I know an Ornitholestes is smaller but this is fantasy! :)

Dragonfly by Noggin with texture/wing maps modified by me in Photoshop.

Sky/Background has both Piles of Cotton (from HiveWire), (main clouds) and
part of one from the set of Cathedral Skies (set sold at George's own store) for
the bottom part of foliage in the distance! I love that I can blend the foliage &
clouds from one photo into an area of another Sky/Clouds photo to arrange the
whole sky the way I want it!  LisaB's palm adds a finishing touch in lower right.

Poser Pro 2014 and Photoshop

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