A Vampire Dawn
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A Vampire Dawn

Halloween is my favorite time of year,
Purrs the vampiress pictured here,
Her eyes beckon you to come to her,
Taking away any sense of fear,

Despite the presence of the bats,
As well as a rat and her fierce black cat,
Promising dangerous love until dawn,
When with a soft whisper, she will be gone.
~Lyne's Creations                                  

DAWN SE as a Vampire, once again, for this Halloween.
Hair is OOT's Christina hair (Rendo)
Her dress is the wonderful Nocturna outfit (includes boots!) by Aura Shari (HiveWire)
I changed the outfit's materials, using parrotdolphin's Dark Materials for Poser (Rendo)
Dawn's Pose is from ilona's Super Sexy poses for Dawn (Rendo)

Her necklace is both from Lully (for the choker ribbon) and fabiana -
for the cross from her Magic Sense set, I just changed the materials.
I also added the necklace pendent to her finger to create a matching ring! That
took a bit of doing, to translate and place it. I put one of Fabi's plain rings under
it to create the part that goes around her finger.

Black Cat is of course the HW domestic Cat (HW)
I used Eye Candy 5's "fur" filter to make the hair stand up/out from the cat
Pose is from the included Base Pose set by CGcubed (HW)

Bats are from DAZ
Rat is Noggin's rat from DAZ
I added a spider in the background web, not sure where I got that.

Background is from Sveva's Twilight Backgrounds (Rendo)
(formerly Angel's Twilight, and still available with Poses for V4)

as always: Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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