Dawn of the Future

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I am SO thrilled with Fabiana's new "LED lights" on her new jewelry!!! Once again, I have a beautiful product that has TAUGHT me more about lighting in poser and produces such stunning results!! I never understood what IDL light was...let alone where to enable it, in the Render settings...then by logic, I tried "indirect lighting" ...and watched as it PRE-CALCULATED it...with such funny, yet pretty little red dots... I thought Poser had broken! LOL!! But it went on to recalculate her SSS...and then the results, not only of the jewelry lights but how different the hair picked up the shine and lighting too!! Just a HUGE WOW & THANKS once again to Fabi for ADDING to my artistic life!

Dawn SR1 with Elisa from HiveWire 3d
Rhapsody hair by Fabiana
Mirror/Window prop set by Fabiana
WarmNSoul lights by Fabiana
Even Glow Jewelry by Fabiana


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