Dawn & Dusk

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Chris and his team at HiveWire3D- one outstanding group of people and the whole community there - Dawn SR2 and the Premier of Dusk, her long awaited mate!   I chose to use "Elisa" for Dawn, by Maelwenn  with "The Brothers" (Rodney) by Virtual World for Dusk - Both can be found at HiveWire3d. Dawn wears her HiveWire Bikini and Dusk his HiveWire Swim Trunks.  I used Fabiana's hair "Alanis" for Dawn. 
 I also attached Fabi's "bubbling charm" to a Dawn necklace chain (the chain that comes with the cherry necklace for Dawn at HiveWire. I used the CORD necklace from her Bijoux set for Dusk's necklace, and the CHARM he wears from her jewels that come with Exibarah set.

Rendered in Poser 2014 with Fabiana's Warm & Soul Lights!
Fabi's products can be found at Renderosity!  
(the hair on Dusk comes with his skin texture!)
The wonderful seagulls are by Ken Gilliland via his amazing
"Flock Formations" at HiveWire3d! 
The real sky (by commission) and the Moon are real world photos by my good friend George Gregory!

Poser 2014 & Photoshop - the only post on Dusk was to remove the eye highlight, and add my own less strong ones,
plus to "un-stretch" his areola's, that to me, seemed to stretch out too much on his pecs. Both bodies are the default
Dawn and Dusk bodies, I only use the face morphs for these characters. (I did dial in a bit of 'toned" for Dawn's abs.)

I am so honored that my image was chosen to be displayed as part of the Flash-Banner at the HiveWire 3D store!
Click here to see a screen grab. Such a thrill to have my art chosen to help show these beautiful models!

(with copyrights ON the image)
but you can see the incredible details like Dawn's new "belly button" morph I find so cute! LOL!

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