Dawn Dublin Portrait

 Copyright Lyne's Creations March 2015  All Rights Reserved

I could NOT be more pleased with this skin conversion,
so I am displaying the VERY large render so you can see ALL the details!
What a thrill to bring the best textures from V4 to Dawn,
and then thanks to EZ Skin 2, add back the SSS effect!

The eyelashes were a bit of a challenge because applying EZ Skin 2 seemed to "lock in" a black diffuse color.
But by copying the Poser Surface settings from V4's Eyelashes to Dawn's, I could then select
the color to match her hair. I also had to DELETE the textures from Dawn's Cornea (converted from V4's "eye surface")
 and make sure it was completely transparent. I also had to make Dawn's "large lashes" transparent. 
These extra little adjustments took time to figure out, in Poser's material room, but are well worth the result, I feel!

I'm working on a complex "Dancing Druid Dawn" art scene inspired by Showtime's
Outlander TV series, but I had to do a close up portrait too!

For her face morph, I dialed in just 50% of Maelwenn's "Elisa" for Dawn from HiveWire.

V4's Dublin by danae, (Renderosity) converted to Dawn
via Blacksmith3D's Texture Transformer by Blacksmith3D, RPublishing (Rendo)
With SSS added via Snarly-Gribly's EZ SKin 2

She wears the Dynamic Slip Dress by Frequency for Dawn, with the material
 From Fabiana's Essentials Vol VIII Velvety Fabrics (the Chenille Sheers) applied.

Fabiana's DivineHair III via Fabi's Hairs for Dawn

pose by Ilona from Dance Till Dawn

Frame/Rose from Frosted Dreams by Moonbeam1212 (Rendo)
From included "tag" re-shaped by me
Background is Blended Florals, no longer sold.
Poser 2014 & Photoshop
Lights by Fabiana (always MeterHigh, Mild Boreal or Warm&Soul)
(I tweak the lights to suit, as well as any pose I use.)

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