Daddy Boots
Copyright Lyne's Creations September 2015 ~ All Rights Reserved

This is a true story! A good friend of mine said his 2 years old daughter did this
and right away I just had to do an art piece of this cute event! 
George said:
"The art is absolutely adorable! Rose got into the boots all
by herself and clomped around the living room for quite a while.
I do recall for part of that time she had my hat on too,
peeping out just like you have it. Also, the hair is spot on.
That curly golden blonde was just how she looked at that point in life."

HiveWire3d's Baby Luna with Elisa's by Maelwenn (using her natural face make up)
I "grew her up" to 2 years by dialing.
The "Onesie" for Luna by DigitalDreamsDS (HiveWire)
I created a transmap to make the Onsie into a baby shirt for her
Cloth diaper comes with Luna

Luna's hair is HR 144 (Rendo) with To Dye For hair color for it by vyktohria (Rendo)
HiveWire's Universal Boots (default texture) and HiveWire Cowboy Hat (default texture)
Her Pose is by me

Dusk wearing his "Skinny Jeans" with the Classic jeans texture by CWRW (HiveWire)
His skin texture is Evan by Tempesta3D (RDNA)

Potted Palm by LisaB (HiveWire)
The kitten is from Jane Eden's Cats and Kittens (YURdigital) 
Background is The Great Room (DAZ)


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