Dream's Inspirations
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When I...        

When I sleep enough, I have colorful expressive dreams, 
These dreams can inspire therapeutic creative things,           
      When I accomplish something that affects another's heart,       
             Then I connect with other souls through my poetry and art.           
~Lyne's Creations

This whole piece using the wonderful "Nouvelle Aube" sets by Satria Capricco at HiveWire was just right
to express how I feel about art, where I want to produce it, the atmosphere I require. It's been a journey. I
also just love the colors- some of my favorites...and so right to add my real life photo of one of my dear cats!
Many of the live links for these products are listed under my last piece.... Here I used the wonderful dynamic
dress in the NA Clothing set - which has the matching poses saved right in the dress! How wonderful is that!?
I used some of Satira's texture for the face of the character on the back wall. There are misc. prop books and
the fancy bottles I got at DAZ a very long time ago, on the shelves of the cabinet (I removed it's glass doors).
Ball of yarn came from a Poser prop freebie, but can't find who created it anymore, sorry!

I learned a lot in doing this piece...With the lighting I chose, I needed to somehow produce more light
on the desk itself! This lead me to learn all about creating a "light bulb" in Poser! See linked words for how!
As always I use Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights from Rendo for my main light set up.

The bird is from Ken's set: The Birds of Africa- Lilac Breasted Roller, chosen for the similar colors!
This bird has become the spirit bird for the 'spirit house' included in the NA sets! 

The black and white cat on the cushions is from one of Jane Eden's beautiful Cats 2d sets!

Background is a render from a set of backgrounds I bought (Howie Farke's Carrara scenes) from Rendo.

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