The Old Cowpoke
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The Old Cowpoke    

The tired old cowpoke squats by the fire at dusk,
He offers an apple to his loyal horse, Gus.   
   As the temperature drops, the fire stays off the cold,
   And the old cowpoke dreams of times before he got old.
~Lyne's Creations                                                   

"Cowpoke Dusk" using Dusk's "aging" morphs to go with Fairy Light's Aleric for Dusk (HiveWire)
Dusk's cowboy hat sits on Traveler's Props Club rock, along with his canteen.
I used the 3Dream & Mary's Akaste hair and blended black/brown and silver hair to get a graying look (I hope it works!) (Rendo)
I also am very proud of how I CLOSED the cowboy denim jacket front in  post!  I mean after all it's a chilly night! :)  I also used the HiveWire "Falling for Dawn" sweater for a turtle neck under the jacket. HiveWire's Skinny jeans, and universal boots for Dusk. (The cowboy denim jacket is a texture set by CWRW for the HiveWire Bomber Jacket

The apple is by Traveler from the days of the Props Club! (I believe the campfire was also by Traveler... I added more flames with eye candy 4K) 
I dial-morphed the ever useful "handbag" and with postwork created the saddlebags laying on the ground. I believe I got "The Bag" from DAZ a LONG time ago- it's prop says: the3dwizard:Clothing Props:handbag_1.obj. The saddlebags have parrotdolphin's Dark Materials- Leather applied to the body of the bag.

Also, I'm proud of the bedroll (sitting behind the new western saddle on the HiveWire horse) that I created in Poser with the high rez ball and the morph tool... it's got Fabi's blanket texture with displacement turned off applied, and I did post work with bits of the bridle rein to 'tie' the bedroll to the saddle... oh and the horse is reaching for an apple to show off this AMAZING true western bridle's BIT.  I love how these reins allow for individual posing!!

I used my (Freebie/Freestuff) photoshop cast shadow action for each character/prop.

Background:  A composite of many parts/layers... Night sky photo by my good friend:
George Gregory, with part of one of the "Lonely Trees" by -Melkor- (no longer sold at Rendo- too bad, it's a very useful set!)  I cut the tree and ground out, so I could replace the daytime sky with the real life photo of a night sky... the daytime tree and "mid ground" of Melkor's was desaturated and darkened to blend in.  I layered over it's reflective river with some of the new sky too!

Then I used Flink's Ultimate Ground, (Rendo) with HiveWire - LisaB's simmering summer ground cover! I used 2 duplicate layers of this ground, darkened one down for night, then selectively erased the darker top layer to create the "fire-lit" ground area!  I added some of LisaB's and Flink's grass and some leaves to populate the ground area.

Lastly but NOT LEAST, to make it all come alive I added Ken Gilliland's (songbird remix) new Moth from Volume 2 - this one is called Delicate Beauty. Plus Ken's amazing Great Horned Owl is swooping past! (HiveWire for both moth and birds).

This was quite a long involved project... I think it would have been faster and easier with Vue...which I'm leaning more and more toward buying (if the only version sold is not "still in beta" as the "new" versions tend to be... if that's the case, I'll wait a year! LOL!)

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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