A Cowboy's Friends
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HW's Dusk with converted skin "Aram" by SAV
(I also added the slightest "tint" to his skin in Poser,
to help this "vampire characters skin" look a bit tan.)

"Aram" Hair by SAV
Western Outfit by Ken1171 @ HW
Western Boots by Ken1171 @ HW
Cowboy hat by HW (with boot texture material applied!)
Dusk's pose came with him ~ "Everyday poses"
HiveWire Horse with The Mustang coat
Ken Gilliland's Blue Jays and Sparrows @  HW
My own "ancient" morphed Poser 4 dog as a bluetick hound
(Bloodsong helped with many of the head/mouth morphs for the P4 dog)
with a LOT of post work to help that very very old map!
Flies (see the tiny sparrow insect food?) and the 'horse fly' on the barrel
sorry can't remember where I got this fly model.
Noggin's butterfly
My Carrara render of Howie's Autumn scene for the background...
I copy various dead leaves of the background render,
to place in front of boots, barrel, etc. to help place
 the figures 'into' the 2d background environment.

Rendered in Poser Pro 2014
Post work in Photoshop

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