Cowboy at Dusk
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Of course a play on words, as this is the HiveWire Dusk figure (Dusk SE)
with Dusk Skinny Jeans  and Cowboy hat by HiveWire - both with classic textures by CWRW
CWRW's Rodrigo character/skin for Dusk plus beta testing TrueHair beard...and it's "stubble
look" by tweaking the beard preset (via Cliff Bowman's upcoming Poser TrueHair helper python set
that is teaching me to get comfortable in the poser hair room!!! I love it!!)
Dusk Sculpted Morph set by CG Cubed (Paul) at HiveWire
I used various sources for the prop wooden fence, stump and bucket, and then used a Dusk
Dynamic Pajama by Karanta shirt to "fall" onto the edge of the bucket (I really love dynamic cloth!!)
I did use parrotdolphin's linen material on the shirt (from Medieval materials for poser)

Ken Gilliland's Dragonfly, lizard and Golden Eagle
PhotoGG's Fire Mountain Skies sky/tree-line photo background
Fabiana's Warm & Soul lights with rim light tweaked to go with background sky

 as always: Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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