Comfort in a Friend                     
Copyright Lyne's Creations December 2015 ~ All Rights Reserved

Comfort in a Friend                     

When you have one very exceptional friend,              
Who is there for you and so willing to spend,           
Time with you and who has such love to extend,       
Then you've a treasure on whom you can depend!     

              She's a friend who is very hard to offend,                              
So you never have a reason to pretend,                     
 Knowing your rights she'd consistently defend!          
She is one of life's best comforts in the end!             
~Lyne's Creations   

I'm very pleased at how the all elements I chose go together
   to express how I feel about all the people dear to me ~ in our
 digital world... lots of hearts and supportive friendships! :)

I wanted to render everything in one scene, tipping the weight of the pz3 to
over 300 mb, but my Poser 2014 and my graphics machine handled it well!
I used Firefly sinc at 3, along with 10 pixel samples and actually had to
blur some areas down... I pushed the back wall back with post work blur.
I also brushed out both hairs by copy and pasting them to a separate layer.
(Fabi's hairs are a favorite because they are so beautiful and lightweight, but
I did want just little more brushing and smoothing to soften them further.) 

Just another kinda funny/fun note: I have been having a ridiculous amount
of fun making my signature go with my art lately! In this case, I copied,
flipped vertically, and applied effects to the "reflection" of it!

Dawn SR2 on the right, is Elisa from HiveWire 3d
(I did dial this character ONLY to 0.500 instead of 1.00 to look a bit more mature)
V4 on the left is Amelie by Silver (rendo)

Paris Hair on V4 & Alanis Hair on Dawn by Fabiana  
I heart You Jewelry on Dawn by Lully (HiveWire) with the
heart materials are from Shades of Earth 2 by Sveva, and I also changed
the velvet Neck Ribbon to something like the dress material by using Fabi's
and color-picking a blue to go with the dress.

V4 wears Fabiana's Bubbling jewelry

Dawn wears the Shimmery Dress for Dawn that used to be sold at RDNA
(I changed the shoe's sole to cork material from the black it had)
Dawn's bag is Bag I by 3D Age with

V4 wears 3D Age's Hot Girl III outfit with textures by Romantic 3D
found at Renderosity. V4's "handbag" is a very modified hand bag I
think I got from DAZ... I made handles invisible, used morphs and dials
to "smash it down" into a clutch, adding parrotdolphin's Dark Materials leather!

The wonderful Coffee Corner is by lilflame and Sveva from Rendo.
(little vase on the table came from a Japanese room I got a LONG time ago at DAZ
with a metal texture applied, and one of LisaB's Hyacinth flowers in it!
LisaB's Potted Palm and Hanging Plant also accent the scene!

Poser 2014 and Photoshop

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