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Dawn as "Elisa"
Elisa skin by Maelwenn from HiveWire, with Alanis hair by Fabiana (Rendo)
She wears 3D Age's Hot Girl III blouse with material by Romantic 3D (Rendo)
I fit the blouse with the help of Lyrra's Fit Room Helper to retain the details of the blouse!
Because I could not get the hang of fitting the pants (yet) I used OOT's Dawn Wardrobe's
Long pants, applied an OOT material, that made it darker and shinier to match the blouse's leather.
Her shoes are the Lily High Heel by hitman47, Arryn (Rendo)

Her jewelry is from LeafLife2 for Dawn by Fabiana! I also could apply her other rings via the
poses she has to move and parent them to any finger on either hand! Works like magic!

She's enjoying a Candy Cane from "CandyLuscious" Prop Set -Poser Version by Lully (Rendo)
I used "Tongue for Dawn"  by Tempesta3d - once her tongue was OUT of her mouth,
I could get at it's parts and make further adjustments. Very helpful set of poses from Rendo!

I dialed her expression myself. Her pose started with one of IDG's Reigning Dawn poses, but is modified
A LOT to sit just as I wanted. Dawn is a bit tall for a car model, next time I'll enlarge the car first.

At least this "Classy Car" by TruForm (Rendo) had a lot of movable parts, although
it was really hard to deal with it's LONG list of prop-parts to find what I needed to move.
It came with NO choice of colors, I realized after purchase, so I applied a LATEX color and did
a LOT of post work - see the BEFORE PICTURE of Dawn in her car for more info and comparison.

The cute Pug is from Jane Eden's 2D Dogs set (Rendo)
The Bow is from Moonbeam1212's Gift Boxes set, I believe. It was a bit tricky to get it's drop
shadow off of the stand alone bow piece, but I'm pleased with how it came out. I added the shadow
right for this situation in post work, as well as adding the shadow under the car and for the dog.

 The background is Movie Sets, City Block 18 by DreamlandModels...
VERY tricky to maneuver that huge set of homes, especially the height,
but since Dawn and the car was also rendered separately, I could control that.
Dreamland models are from (Rendo)

The pine branch is from a Shutterstock photo I bought.

Lighting is a variation of Fabiana's Mild Boreal Light Set (Rendo)

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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