Childhood's Play

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TRUE story! (except Mom put the saddle on a big old wooden wine barrel -
 laid & braced, on it's side!)

Diva (for Dawn) by Pendraia Fae (HW)  Fabiana's KiriTe Hair (Rendo),
Wearing Free clothes for Diva by Glitterati3D (Fantasies Realm)
Pose used is riding pose for Western Saddle/Dawn, tweaked by me.

Western Saddle for Harry (HW) on the new "
Gogmagog" Log by Caisson (HW)
It's for P11, but works well in Poser 2014... I changed the color of the ground in post.
Grass, nettles also comes with it. I added LisaB's Lazy Susan plants.
Note: I used Daio's old "beta lead line" for "reins" and worked it into position
both in poser and with post work.

PhotoGG's Piles of Cotton Sky (that includes trees/grass field on some of
the images!)

Kitten and Cats -Vol. 1 & 2 - by Jane Eden (Rendo)

Ken Gilliland's  Western Fence Lizard & Blue Jays (HW)

 as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabi's lights & Photoshop

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