Prince Charming & Snow White
Copyright Lyne's Creations August 2015  All Rights Reserved

(a labor of love, inspired by the ABC show Once Upon A Time,
my version of these characters in the Enchanted Forest....)

Dawn SE as Snow White
She wears hat hair from DAZ (without the hat)
The Huntress by Mec4D with the add on texture by Sarsa at Hive
(I used "curve" in Photoshop to lighten this pretty set, because Snow wears lighter colors!)
and sorry I did use the more accurate (for the TV show) bow snow carries and a quiver
both created by Traveler and the old Props Club he had. I modified the textures.
M4 as Prince Charming with SAV character and hair, wearing an outfit by Xurge
sits his horse via the pose provided with the Classic Tack - nice it worked!! :)
and of course Harry with CWRW's Dapple Grey, dialed at about half of the Draft Breed,
wearing the gorgeous CLASSIC Tack - which I SAW in any episode where Charming
had his horse- the EXACT same tack was used, and I was thrilled to have it to use!!
Gilliland's Sharp-shinned Hawks seemed appropriate for being in the
Enchanted Forest- portrayed here by my Carrara render using Howie's Noble Pines scene
and his Pond one too, blending the two together to get the space I wanted....and no, not good
for a horse to be standing on ice, but let's pretend he has special magic shoes, ok?  :)

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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