My Heart in Chains

 Copyright Lyne's Creations February 2014  All Rights Reserved

                My Heart in Chains                             

            He seems now what I imagined gigolos to be,             
            As portrayed by characters I have seen on TV,           
            Hypnotically he captured my heart within me,            
      He even insisted on meeting my family.                  

                   He had me feeling like that one in a million,                           
    Flattering with his intense focused attention.          
    I think he felt he had acted with honesty,              
                               Perhaps convincing himself that completely.                                     

                     After years of daily assurances and utter bliss,                        
                He suddenly left me flat, saying "I can not do this",           
                  So with abuse and abandonment in my history,                    
                    It took me years, an awful illness, and growth to get free.     

    I've come to understand it's love I grieve for,         
    Not the man himself at my grief's very core.            
       Still for some reason he keeps coming around,           
         Rekindling my heartbreak, bringing me down.             

I guess it needed my final act of bravery,              
                This has to STOP I said, confronting him directly.              
Maybe now his insidious stalking will quit,             
    And finally I'll be truly finished with it.                     

        I'm proud I'm willing to look deep inside,                      
        Make changes to harmful thoughts that reside.           
        I have grown more from this heartbreaking time,        
        Than from the fleeting joy I thought was mine!          
    ~Lyne's Creations                                                      


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