Your Father is....
Unicorn Centaur Mage
(She whispered to her Daughter)

 Copyright Lyne's Creations August 2014  All Rights Reserved

The beautiful Mother and Daughter Centaur's Magical Father!
Thanks to my best friend for suggesting what the Mother Centaur was thinking,
in my last creation... that lead to this story art continuing! :)

Carrara "Howie Farkes" background scene render
I have most of his scenes from DAZ3d, I think this one was Valley Alpina.

RPublishing & SAV's M4 - "Mitchel" from RMP
SAV's "1984 Hair" from RMP
(I keep forgetting I have a machine that WILL render such complex hair with SHADOWS ON! Yay!
That is one reason this  piece took so long, I went back and re-worked the whole piece to give it more
realistic depth.)
Horse half is the HiveWire "Harry" horse with CWRW's "cream draft" coat color
Both from HiveWire3d 
I used Eye Candy 4000's "fur" filter to help the horse half
blend up into the human half, after getting this started with the Hemi Centaur body morph
and trans map that can be found here: 
HiveWire3d's Centaur Morphs Forum Thread
Unicorn horn is from SnowFire Graphics

Woodpeckers and Redwing blackbirds, and beautiful flying bird (middle at top)
All by Ken Gilliland at HiveWire3D

Noggin Butterflies
Noggin Dragonflies
Staff (with post worked ball/globe) is from my staff props...forgive me, I don't know who created it.
(always glad to add a credit if anyone recognizes it)
Far off raptors are from Ron's Bird Brushes (DAZ3d)
Leaf shadows done in Photoshop post along with foreground over hanging branch
Poser 9 for rendering all figures for this scene.

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