Kitty Isn't Happy...
Honey, you can't hold the kitty that way...

Copyright Lyne's Creations October 2016 ~ All Rights Reserved


HiveWire House Cat with the new Orange Tabby (1 of 3 "styles") fur by CWRW,
does not appreciate being lugged around in this manner by
Diva is wearing Fabiana's KirieT hair and the FREE flip flops and
sun dress from the Diva Wardrobe Exclusive by Glitterati3D!
I had fun posing Diva with the cat, and realized folks might like the POSE for
each figure, so if there is interest... I'd like to make a couple more poses to offer with it!

Dawn as "Janet" by Virtual World Wearing HW's skinny jeans and her tank top with
roses texture by me. Fabiana Alanis hair, and LeafLife for Dawn & V4 jewelry. Dawn's
pose is from Island Girl's Breaking Dawn at HiveWire - a very worthwhile set!

Background is  assembled from 2 images from the "Country Time" set by Svevea 
and Jackie Browning-Victors from Rendo.  I cut out the leaves to add more to cover
 the ground and overlay the characters feet & Pumpkin to set those into the scene.

and as always, Songbird Remix Ken's birds to add a finishing touch - this is his
Great Horned Owl, as well as his FLOCK of crows - both from HiveWire.

I also added the Freebie Field Mouse from Rendo FreeStuff!

Poser 2014 & Photoshop

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