Nickie-Travis on his Rug
Copyright Lyne's Creations November 2015 ~ All Rights Reserved
(inspired by the Lesley Ann Ivory Cats art)

The Mil Cat with my "Nickie" texture laying happily on his Fabiana rug,
gazing up at his picture taking owner.  Ball of yard is a post worked enhanced figure/prop,
Red rubber ball is a Poser primitive with parrotdolphin's material.

Travis (my soul mate and first brown tabby) and Nickie my little "love bug" tabby
were so alike but for Nickie's bright green eyes, and creamy tummy fur.
(Travis had amber eyes and white on his chin and paws, and a bit longer fur)
So when Nickie came along, I took more photos, especially of his bright green eyes
and rather prominent toe pads, and combined the two maps to create a fully Nickie version.

I did a LOT of post work "brushing" of the cat's fur, also enhanced his eyes from
how they are on the model cat, giving him huge round pupils that make cats look
so alive. I also thought it would be fun to tuck my signature under the edge of the rug. :)

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