Life is a Cabaret
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 I loved the boots of "Carnie for Dawn" by Deecey (Rendo) when
I added them to my "I Love My Shoes" art piece...
along with Sveva's Victorian Textures for it (Rendo)
So I got the idea of using DM's "Private Dancer" Cabaret poses & Props

I really thought this would be one of those quick, fun ideas....when...
What I thought would take a couple of days, this took a whole week!
To 'vent' about the process, I wrote:

My Process of Creating Art

I rendered this over and over trying to get it just right,
Changing materials, repeatedly adjusting every light,
Each tweak could be very different or it might be just slight,
I'm determined to get it perfect, I keep up the good fight!

Finally the renders were all done and I started post work,
Then realized it wasn't right at all, I guess that's my quirk.
It's unacceptable to have it come out just "all right",
It simply has to pop, giving me a sense of delight!

It's so NOT done yet, I said, pulling out my hair,
I have changes that need doing...this, that and there,
So it is back into Poser I go, to change things all around,
Even modifying textures that caused me to cringe and frown.

Will I ever be finished, will I ever be happy with it?
Or will I go screaming into the night and just give up and quit?
Finally with a small shred of hope, I offer this effort of art,
And you, dear viewers, can tell me if I need to go back to the start.
~Lyne's Creations                                                                 


The Cabaret Hat is by SAV from her Hats for V4 set - (Rendo)
Well.... it started there... while most V4 poses will translate to Dawn
with just some adjustment to the fingers - this particular set needed a
LOT of re-adjusting! I should have paid attention to this little 'warning'...
*The poem says it all!! *
I used Lully's Drape, but with Fabiana's velvet material from her older Drape set.
The Beaded curtains are by Fabiana as well as the Sage Babylon candles (Rendo)
Her hair is the Una Hair by OOT for V4. (had to render the hat with hair set to
invisible and then layer it in, to get the hair "under" the hat)
The morph on Dawn is "Bow for Dawn" by Cybrea (freebie)
I changed skins often, so not sure which I ended up with...I THINK the
large eyelashes are from Bow.... but all else escapes my memory at this point.

as always: Fabiana's Lights (Warm&Soul with one extra colored Rim Light) in Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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