Boy's Night Out
Copyright Lyne's Creations July 2017 ~ All Rights Reserved


Or... "The Night of Many Dusks"   ;)

Disclaimer: I don't play pool, the poses were converted, I did the best I could! :-)

This complex piece was more an exercise of the technical side of art,
as I continue to learn to use the different kind of trackball mouse and small
pen and tablet, while trying to take care of my frozen thumb joint and 
prevent further damage to my frozen shoulder joint in the two main pieces
of software that I normally use (poser 2014 and Photoshop). You know-
"old dog-new tricks" Or not! It is really hard work as I'm a stickler for placing
every character - their shoes as well as every prop item flush with the floor etc.

I do really admire and am inspired by the room scenery props created by
santuziy78 And I'm very grateful that these props are made for poser!

STZ Billiard room by santuziy78 (Rendo) sets the scene
with the room, and poses (used as starting point, converted from
the Billiard room poses for V4), or made from scratch by me.

Dusk characters: Dante & Rodrigo (CWRW-HiveWire),
Nataani (Child of Fire-HiveWire) with Ades Hair by SAV(Rendo),
Marcello (Tempesta3d-HiveWire) with Adonis Hair by SAV (Rendo)
Aleric the bartender (Fairy Light - HiveWire)

Wearing various clothes: HiveWire Skinny Jeans, Tank top, Long Sleeve
Shirt, Bomber Jacket, Universal Boots for Dusk (Chris, Paul, CWRW)
Bomber Jacket & Skinny Jeans "Classic Denims" textures by CWRW (HiveWire)
Universal Boots textures by CWRW (HiveWire)
and GQ jacket and shirt by Glitterati3D (HiveWire)

Spittoon Prop by Ness
bar tending "rag" - morphing tissue prop

 as always: Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop