Outside The Box

Copyright Lyne's Creations February 2013  All Rights Reserved

Outside the Box

I can handle all the grown up things, but still inside I cry,
My inner self feels only sadness for all my years gone by,
Of standing alone against a world that doesn't understand,
My complex health, what keeping my body alive demands.

The world insists all our needs fit into a nice tidy little box,
All required to be alike, not even be one tiny bit unorthodox.
I long to feel the pride I should for each thing that I do achieve,
But as each battle is done and past, I only feel a little relieved.

I long for a supportive partner to help carry my heavy load,
Someone to lend an arm as I walk down this difficult road,
But it seems I'll stand alone for the rest of my years until I leave,
My truth be told, I feel life is horrendous work, I can only grieve. 
~Lyne's Creations


PS: I seem to have a coping mechanism going on...I as SO
focused in the present moment, in the face of so much weighing
on me... and I wrote:

You know how people say "don't sweat the small things" ?
Well it's the tiny GOOD things that each day might bring,
That assist when life's BIG bad crap continues to persist.
These days, I SO much appreciate those tiny little gifts,
That bring a slight sense of relief, a scant smile to my lips.
~Lyne's Creations