Great Blue Heron's Afternoon
Copyright Lyne's Creations April 2002   All Rights Reserved

bryceheron.jpg (139306 bytes)

I am not sure what 'art style' these seems to me, with the stiff broad-
leave Bryce 4 plants (which I put a made up Bryce texture & bump on)
but it does seem sort of stylized... There is no retouch on my new Great
Blue Herons... and just a tad of color retouch on the zygote dragon fly
for which I have no texture. It took longer to make it's wings transparent
in Bryce than to place the herons and plants put together!  Note the frog
in the lower left, going "oh oh!"  I do have some new realistic Bryce trees
and Bryce textures to try out, but have not had time to use them yet....