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I got out my old Budgie models, along with their play gym props and soon one thing
led to another!  Ken's birds with their wonderful wings can do all the things the real
life little birds we all love, can do...
My own real-life budgie I had years ago would
hang upside down like the one in the middle, as well as really enjoy his bath...

The folded wing birds are mine, the ones in this image with outstretched wings are Ken's.
I used Ron's Waterline psd (DAZ) to create the splashing water in the dish. The bird's poo
comes with my props...grin!

For fully-pose-able FLYING Budgie characters,
 check out Ken's Songbird Remix's PET SHOP set at HiveWire3d!

Baby Luna (HiveWire) is delighted with all the little "birdies" as she looks on...
She wears Frills & Spills dress and cap by Lully from HiveWire.
I added the hair in post using CWRW's mane and tail pack hair.
I did use the Elisa (HiveWire Dawn character) for her skin, took the brows
off the face, then in post added back brows that looked more child-like using
Biscuits Eyebrows Merchant Resource from Renderosity.

Lisa Botanical's Potted Palm and Hanging Plant (HiveWire)

Her pose is mine. Room and furniture is from The Great Room set (DAZ)

Background out the window is from "Autumn Landscapes" by -Melkor- (Rendo)

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