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subtitled: Woman, what are you doing?!

This image is HALF the size of the original!
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Dawn SR2 and Dusk by Chris and his team at HiveWire3D.  I chose "Laureen" for Dawn, by OOT (Out of Touch at Rendo) with "The Brothers" (Leroy) at HiveWire by Virtual World for Dusk ~ facial features slightly modified by me. Dusk wears HiveWire's Skinny Jeans, Combat Boots and Tank Top (top colored by me, within Poser). Dawn wears OOT's
"Sporty Casuals" and HiveWire Combat Boots. Her hair is by SAV's (
StudioArtVartanian at Rendo) "Aram Hair".
Tattoos on Dawn & Dusk by ShannasSoulmate (Rendo). The motorcycle is the Road Eagle by Pretty3D at Rendo.
The gorgeous Red Shouldered Hawks and little Blue Jays are from "Birds of Prey 3" by Ken Gilliland at HiveWire.
I added my own cottontail bunny, plus the great "field mouse" freebie by JTrout from Rendo
Background rendered by me in Carrara is "Forest Drive" by Howie Farkes

Carrara Pro, Poser 2014, & Minimal post and compositing done in Photoshop
(note: I applied Dawn's tattoos to Dusk in Poser, then with layers in Photoshop, modified the one arm's tats)

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