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Morning Stretch!

After a nice snooze, it's time for a morning stretch up on the mountain top! Travis and his best bud
are enjoying the sweet air and spring flowers! Flowers are "wild blue" (Lupine) tubes from my new
fantastic set of picture tubes for Paint Shop Pro 8 by rapartz!  I bought PSP just to use his tubes,
that are the highest quality tubes in the world, in my humble opinion! :)  Ground/background is a Vue
render, with Eye Candy post on the grass, and brushing out Travis cat's hair. Poser mil cat, mil dragon and
Codeman's butterfly.  The rapartz tubes used here are distant trees, Wild Blue flowers & some prong grass
all from vol 3 tube set. I added a bit of Mystical Lighting Radial Light Caster to brighten the dragon & cat.

This was my very first use of the picture tubes, and my grass will be "real" after I get ALL of
the  loaded up! :)