What's It Like To Be a Turtle?
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Songbird Remix Ken Gilliland's new Nature's Wonders - Turtles (and tortoises!)
are so realistic, I was quickly inspired to do this one!  (HW)

So continuing MY take on Hilda, I created this one! Mr. Bryers
had a very tiny leaf on top of her head, this is my take of this adorable idea.
Hilda was a little known pinup by Duane Bryers Hilda from the 1950's
Her fully formed personality of such a curious, happy young lady
continues to inspire me in so many ways!

Dawn SE dialed to a pleasantly plump girl....
3D-Age's little top named: Enjoy Summer III for V4 (Rendo)
PLACED (not cross dressed, because the tie-ends vanished
when cross dresser did it!?) on Dawn. Shorts are Dawn Skinny Jeans
with texture by CWRW (HW)           SAV's Marina Hair (Rendo)

Her pose based on one of Island Girl's then modified by me.

I used one of the leaves from a tropical plant by LisaB to put on her head.

Flink's Ultimate Ground with texture from Lully's Conservatory building set @ HiveWire
Flink's Flowers (Rendo)

Turtle is on a stump from ShaaraMuse3D's Woodcutter's Yard (Rendo)

Songbird Remix Ken Gilliland's White Browed Scrub Robins and Golden Eagle
as well as several of his colorful Common Speckled Flunky Moths (HW)

Sky is from the Piles of Cotton set of skies by PhotoGG (HW)

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights (Rendo) & Photoshop

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