Before The Race
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California Chrome's Heart

I love that horse, he took over my heart,
So I had to reproduce him in some of my art.
His heart seems as big as all outdoors,
As he strives for his high racing scores.

He has such bravery for all he's gone through,
He inspires with all in life that's good and true.
Now he's retired to the care of Taylor Made Farms,
He can enjoy a good life and his many ladies' charms.

Living in beautiful surroundings at the farm in Kentucky,
A reward for an astounding career, you're so very lucky!
My love stays with you as you live out your days,
You brave, strong, sweet horse with your "kind eyes" gaze.
~Lyne's Creations                                                          

Most of the models used are from HiveWire, unless otherwise noted.

Much to my surprise I discovered that my converted  millennium horse-Chestnut texture map for
Harry actually held up fairly well in this close-up large render. I don't know if it would work with the
other maps I have converted but in this case what I did was I over sharpened him in post - using "unsharp
mask" in Photoshop. I did blur around the edges of things because when you sharpen to that extreme
it creates an odd red/green highlighting-which as I said, can be remedied by careful blurring  of those edges.

I was very happy to see that Ken Gilliland created the California Chrome silk-colors for his new conversion of his
 racing tack, even down to the yellow saddle blanket with the number four on it that this horse wore at Santa Anita.
Once again I use Daio's mane and tail poses. I also used the free horseshoe prop by HaiGan, carefully placing copies
of the horseshoe on each hoof and parenting it to that hoof. To get the reins of the bridle hanging straight down, I
did bring in a second copy of the bridle and made the head part invisible then dialed the reins into the position I
wanted, and rendered… "Attaching it" later via Photoshop post-work. (tack is from HiveWire)

My best friend suggested adding the lovely owner standing with the horse, So I added Dawn Special Edition.
She's wearing Halcone's dress… Note: the dress is not that long, I simply made her legs invisible and rendered
another section of that skirt, then laid it over the first render to lengthen said skirt! The bump map is Halcone's,
I just changed the color to match the hat. The Eloiny hat is by goldtassel (DAZ) but I used Atenais's lace material
that I colored purple…(her materials for poser are found at Renderosity) Her gloves (with the same material) are
from the 1950s outfit by digital dreams.  By the way the hair under the hat is 3-Dreams Master Skull Cap.
Her pearl earrings are from the same 50s outfit, while the pearl necklace is an old one for V4.  Both have a pearl
material I worked out myself… tinting it pale purple. Her shoes are the HiveWire  platform pumps for Dawn,
but again I changed the color of the shoes  by modifying the texture map. (

For a close-up of the lovely owner-Lady Dawn - please click here

The background started out by making a hedge of
Andrey Pestryakov's Nature - Bush Oleander (DAZ), then I
added the columns on either side from "Gateway to Luxury" by PandyGirl (DAZ). A big thank you to these
two merchants remaking poser format models!
The grass was created by using Flink's Ultimate Ground,
with the grass ground- texture from Lully's Conservatory model set. Then I "grew" the grass by using
eye Candy 4K's fur filter. Note Ken Gilliland's lizard on the ground below the bushes. :-) I also added two
of his beautiful birds… the American Redstart from Cool and Unusual Birds 3! I do have all of them!
 I love to add his critters to my artwork to add life.

 All shadows were done in post.
Lighting in poser is pretty much always Fabiana's lights, and posing is almost always done by me.
Last but never least, I used PhotoGG's Piles of Cotton sky for a background.

 as always: Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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