Beer & Blades!
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This all started when I wanted to see if I could use StudioArtVartanian's FreeStuff
Pirate Shirt & Hat for M4 from Renderosity, on Dusk! I'd say the shirt worked! :)

Dusk as CWRW's Rodrigo with StudioArtVartanian's Yannis Rasta Hair
I did tone down his teeth for the lighting and give him a gold tooth in post! :)
parrotdolphin's medieval mats - Linen Cream material on the shirt
Dusk Skinny Jeans, with parrotdolphin's Dark mats- brown leather applied!
Sash is once again, my old D3 19th. century scarf "set in place" in poser, also
with parrotdolphin's material (can't do anything without this merchant's materials! :)
Belt is created using a render of the HW horse's classic tack reins, color changing the
leather to brown, emboss and shadow... public domain museum photos used for both
the belt buckle, and knife hanging on the belt. The knife in his upraised hand is from
ShareCG and is modeled/mapped by Mark Fowler (hypnagogia) - Thanks, Mark!

Gold chain is from the V4 MRL Ice set by Mihrelle from Rendo
(necklace goes on Dawn, and with bit more positioning sets on Dusk well!)

The mug of beer is by Exnem's Glass Ensemble props (Rendo) I did add foam drips
change color of beer, etc. in post...but quality of models is top notch!

Ken Gilliland Songbird remix's Western Gull from Sea Birds 2

The spectacular sky is PhotoGG's Fire Mountain Skies set from his own store!

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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