Beautiful Vampire
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I have to admit that I used to be utterly terrified of the dynamic cloth room
in Poser, but now I'm getting used to using dynamic clothing for Dawn!
Following the instructions by Lully, and other dynamic merchants, I learned
a lot, fairly quickly!  ~ Now I'm very comfortable in Poser's cloth room!

Dawn Special Edition model by Chris & Paul - (HW)
Face 2 character & Pale skin by Virtual World (HW)
(I darkened her eyebrows)
Soul Window eyes by Minyassa (HW) - my "go to" eye colors now
nail/toenail color by Fabiana for Dawn (from her Oriana character set)
*Expression dialed by me*
Lully's Bolero Outfit with her Velvet material (HW)

Strapped Heels for Dawn by DM (Rendo)
Pose is from Pretty Dawn 2 by DM (Rendo)

OOT's Christina Hair (Poser Hair for V4, easily sized/fitted to Dawn-
it's unavailable anymore! It's my favorite hair, very adjustable!!
It's really too bad, I got it and other V4 OOT POSER Hairs
in a sale from DAZ a while back,  when OOT was still offering them.

Fabi's "Magic Sense" necklace - VERY easy to fit/adjust to Dawn! (Rendo)

HW's House Cat (now available at Rendo too!)
I post-worked his fur in Photoshop.
New "Tuxedo Fur" (from B/W set) by CWRW  (HW)
Daio's Home Life House Cat poses! (HW)
LisaB's Tulips, and her Palm Pot (HW)
Napalm Arsenal's "Dark Embrace" texture set for the tulips (HW)

Walls from DM's "Refuge" prop set (Rendo)
DM's Fairy Light 2 lantern (Rendo)
Floor is my own set up using Fabi's Mirror plane,
and her Tile flooring material with my own settings. (Rendo)

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabi's lights & Photos

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