Beach Babe
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Dawn SE with Maelwenn's TT converted V4 "Angel" skin (DAZ)
I applied OOT's Laureen face morph on top of the Dawn SE face #1 because
I felt it looked the most like Maelwenn's V4 character that she made the skin for.
I'm very pleased with how well Texture Transformer Version 2 by Blacksmith3D, RPublishing
converted this particular map. I only had to post fix the eyebrows that went a little too far
toward her nose...oh and her odd dark navel - I had to just use Elisa's navel and color adjust.
After I used TT, Then in Poser, I first applied Maelwenn's original SSS Elisa for Dawn to my
Beach Babe, then I switched out the transformed color and bump
png's for each body part via the Poser material room. This way, I achieved
the SSS (not found on the V4 Angel set) look for this new TT Dawn version!
Angel comes with and without tattoos...and I wanted more of a "biker babe"
look, plus to see how well the tats converted. They are NICE tats, and I only
had a bit of trouble with her off-side arm, because it is quite twisted to rest her
hand on her leg/knee, the tat got dotted solve this, I rendered another
of her arms without being twisted, copied the tat only (no skin-tricky to cut out)
and placed it where I wanted, to get a nice solid tattoo line. I think it worked! :)
I did color her nails with Fabiana's Oriana nail/toenail color.

Dawn is wearing the neat new "Actual Wet Hair" - Poser version created by
RPublishing & Prae from Renderosity. It has a Dawn fit, and I like it a lot!
There is NO POST for the wet hair, and I did not blur it, to keep it looking wet.
I also like that it can be subdivided for a more realistic look! (Rendo)
Dawn is wearing her HW bikini, with Rena's Fashion Metalics texture for it! (Rendo)

She also wears Fabiana's Zoo Bling Dragon necklace, and from another Fabi set
I put a ring on her finger and one on her toe! It's very easy to use Fabi's V4 rings
and move them, in poser, to Dawn's fingers or toes!  I used Lully's stud earrings
from her I Heart You jewelry set for Dawn (HW)

Background: Sveva & Wolfie's Island Beaches (Rendo)
I actually did more post work on the background (for depth of field) than on Dawn!
I didn't care for the shadow of the coconut, so I cut it out, cloned the sand over the
original shadow, then copied the coconut twice- once for the color one, once for the copy
that I used as a shadow. (duplicate layer, turn Sat and Darkness all the way down,
Distort the shadow to "lay down and slant" in the direction I wanted it to, to match Dawns.
I also worked on getting some of the "floating seaweed/grass" to look more in/on the sand.
(The mid distance weeds were above their shadow.)
I cut out some of the seaweed/grass clumps, spent hours cleaning that copy up,
and placed around to fill in, and to also place IN FRONT of my poser rendered
girl - to help set her INTO the 2D background. I used photoshop's "Layer Mask"
to control how I let the sand show over her leg and buttock parts that sat "in" the sand.
I love and use Layer Mask - Reveal All, OFTEN in my work. It's very handy instead of
erasing. You can get the look you want without a lot of "undo's"!

Songbird Remix Ken's Western Gulls flying and asleep on the sand. (HW)

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights (Rendo) & Photoshop

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