Discovering Her World
~A Baby's Fascination~

Copyright Lyne's Creations August 2015  All Rights Reserved

Baby Luna from HiveWire3d, wearing the Beach Set Romper & Hat
found at HiveWire, with a darling new texture set...and while I
don't volunteer to beta test because of my health issues... I wanted to
offer to do the Poser Beta testing of Seliah's texture sets.  Then my muse
 INSISTED I create an image showing how babies become utterly fascinated
by the simplest things like the darling faces on the clouds of her pant legs!
After adding a background, I added some toys, their shadows and reflections.
I only did a teeny tiny bit of post work for things like where the pant cuff
interacts with the rug, enhancing the little face under her thumb
...shadowing more inside the inner pant leg... stuff like that...
the outfit's texture itself needs NO post...this is right out of Poser 2014
and I adore it! (as well as the other sets of Seliah's!!) 

and I have to say how much I am enjoying working for/with Seliah... hugs you! :)

This is one of the default skins that come with Luna, (don't you want to just kiss those toes!?)
and she sits on Fabiana's "essential rugs" that I just can't get along without.  :)
   and now I've typed way TOO I'll be quiet for a couple of days!

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