A World Apart
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~for close-ups of the characters: see links at bottom of page~

Molar Island scene, Fantasy Gazebo
& Fantasy Gazebo Elevated (for tree base and staircase parts!)

models by Christopher Creek with texturing by  LisaB (HiveWire)

The sky is from Evening Grandeur by PhotoGG (HiveWire)
I placed the sky photo (sized to fit my poser scene area) onto
poser's high rez cloth plane so I could better control it's position.
Poser does stretch and do odd things with images, so the sky is not
up to the fantastic quality of the original, but for this huge scene it
will work ok. I wanted to replace it, but Poser also changes it's color
and the alpha I tried to do just did not work. I wanted the sky IN
Poser so it could reflect in LisaB's water, as well as so I could pick
it's colors for my lighting! (I did add a suggestion of reflection of my
other post work-added elements, etc. in Photoshop. (the birds, crystals))

Crystals by Sveva (rendo) added to the Island sides. I also added a door via:
LisaB's Portal doors from that set. I set it into the side of the island with
post work effects. That was quite a job, but better to place the image than
try to set the door into the slanted surface of the island in poser!

Dawn (her skin is the pale version from Faces of Asia by Virtual World,
but the morph and body shape were dialed in by me to create the 'elven' look.)
I used Branwen hair by Valea (when sold at Rendo, but now resides at DAZ) for
the two main Elves. That was a battle, to fit it to Dawn, so I bought Netherwork's
Hair Conversion System with the Dawn add on to make it easier next time!
Credit for the violin playing Dawn's hair is on that close-up image page.

Her gown is Lully's Dynamic Evenstar dress with "Maiden" textures by

Dusk is Daria by fu-minn . Hair is Andes Hair by SAV (Rendo)
His shirt is the top half of Lully's HW freebie "Mr. Darcy" for Dusk
clothing, with Linen texture from Parrotdolphin's Medieval materials (Rendo)

I love 1971's fanciful boats... these are: Elf Rowboat & Morning Star Skyboat (Rendo)

All birds by Songbird Remix Ken from HiveWire. I created the "magical bird"
standing beside Dawn with violin with the Lilac-breasted Roller
texture- applying
African Lilac-breasted Roller maps to the Yucatan Jay from that set.
The Golden Eagle is Ken's as well!

Woops! I forgot to mention MY Great Blue Heron...he's old but looks ok here, I think! :)

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

*Close Ups of my characters with credits*
 Dawn playing Violin Close-up
Captain of his Own Ship Close-up
Elven Queen Close-up - 2 versions


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