The Georgian Era Revisited
Copyright Lyne's Creations March 2016 ~ All Rights Reserved

I had gone on a "Jane Austin" movie watching kick, just after watching the final season of Downton Abby,
and this is the result. I love the vast green grounds around the real Downton Abby, as well as
Lully's Darcy dress. This era of courtly gentlemen and ladies is so pretty as depicted in the stories...
even if they are more of a fantasy! Note: I did not mean for her to be gazing at his "tush"!
But after I was finished with this art piece, there it was...she had a mind of her own?! 

Dawn SR2 as Monica by Virtual World wearing her (dynamic) Darcy Dress by Lully,
with my rose pattern that I created from one of Moonbeam1212's roses.
Her ribbon and bow created from Bez & Antje's Ribbons, Papers and Bows.
She wears "JustMe" shoes with a leather material applied. Her hair is the Lysithea hair by Propschick.
Her neck ribbon is from I Heart You jewelry set by Lully. (I often use that ribbon, it's just so perfect!)
I applied my new rose pattern to it, and placed one of Sveva's Cameos (2d) on both her choker
and at the opening of Dusk's shirt.

Dusk as Rodrigo by CWRW my "Mr. Darcy-esq" wearing fantasy Georgian era clothing -
I was beta testing shirt/pants that may not come out for sale or freebie, but I have permission to use it....
 the SASH is from David3's Poet Shirt and the boots are from Sanbie's (Freebies) Texture Challenge 50. 
I trimmed the flared cuff off the top of the boots to be more like the boots men wore back then.
If you look REALLY close you can see the Goldfinch's reflection in the toe of his boots!
 Materials on all are parrotdolphin's. Dusk's hair is Andes hair by SAV from Rendo.

Ken Gilliland's Eurasian Jay and European Goldfinches from his European Birds Volume 1.

The background/ground: I "built it" in Photoshop using renders and photos of grassy hills with
areas of grass plus flower/weeds all blended together to get this look, along with a free
domain photo of the Burghley House, free download from the article about this house on Wiki.
(how can anyone call this mansion/abbey/castle looking structure just a HOUSE??)
I removed the sky from the "house" photo, and replaced it with a cloud filled sky
from a set I bought by commission by my talented friend - photogg. 
A couple of raptors via Ron's Bird Brushes fly in the far distance.

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