Aspects of Me ~ My Guardians
Copyright Lyne's Creations September 2015 ~ All Rights Reserved

Sorry this image is SO large, I wanted all details to show, so you will need to
scroll around, but it's worth it, I think! :)
(credits are listed below the Poem directly below "here")


Aspects of Me                    

My life is so difficult, but there are splashes of light,               
And my guardians protect me, especially at night,                   
So when fears get the best of me, I look deep down inside,      
 Seeking the strength that I need from where it always resides.  

From my little girl self, so full of insecurities,                      
            I look to the special exceptional aspects of me,                                
   Drawing out She who is the very Strength of my Soul,            
Ever guiding and helping me toward every goal.                  

Then tender,  attentive, unconditionally loving,                   
       There's the parenting warrior who is constantly guarding,        
               And finally the adult me, who I'm learning to be,                             
    When assembled into a team, we are something to see!           
~Lyne's Creations                                                             

For much of my life, I was mostly the little insecure girl, who literally
had to save my life all by myself many times, so I was unable to see anything
but threats in life....then slowly, I struggled to find, or rather recognize, the
other parts of myself, and to incorporate these parts into one.  I'm not quite
there, but well on the road of my life lessons...

I know- this image is ridiculously large...but I love to be able to see as much
detail on figures as once rendered, that set the size of the scene.
It's a good thing I had rendered the background at huge also!

Dawn Special Edition model/character from HiveWire as the three Guardians
She wears the Assault outfit by OOT from Renderosity, and Fabiana's Paris Hair
with Fabiana's "Oriana necklace". Stud earrings from HiveWire "I Heart You" set.
(Dawn Poses are also from the Assault set by OOT)
HiveWire's Baby Luna wearing her "Onesie" with Oriental Floral materials by Parrotdolphin
I used V4 Lulu hair from Renderosity on Baby Luna, and her skin is Elisa with natural makeup.
Her pose came with her, but I modified it for this scene.
(except for the Assault outfit default black, I also applied Parrotdolphin's Dark Materials)
Gilliland's Inca Jay bird with his "roller pigeon" maps applied to make a Magical Bird.
I used my own Great Blue Heron in the distance (subdivision really helps that old bird! LOL!)
The kitten is from Jane Eden's Cats and Kittens from YURdigital! 
Background is the Temple garden set by Howie Farkes, rendered in my Carrara Pro
I selected and duplicated the front railing of the bridge to help set my figures ON the bridge!
I also used a bit of Flink's grass to help set the figures into the grassy area.

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