Asian Enchantress
Copyright Lyne's Creations May 2015  All Rights Reserved

Dawn as one of the Faces of Asia by Virtual World (HiveWire)
Dynamic Sakura Kimono by lilflame  Sveva (Rendo)
the Dynamic Gown was placed on DAWN as best I could, and after many tries, I got it to fit correctly.
I used Cross Dresser for the conforming belt and vest, and a LOT
of post work because the pose "broke" some parts of the vest.
I used parrotdolphin's beautiful Asian Materials! (Rendo)
Her hair is a hugely post worked very old Hair piece, I think from DAZ
Flowers added to the head dress are Dahlia's by LisaB (with stems & leaves made invisible)
Ken Gilliland's Yucatan "Black Throated Magpie" (the two blue ones) and the same model
with the African "Lavendar Roller" bird map for my Magical Bird! (HiveWire)
Background is Asian Inspirations by Lunchlady and Sveva (Rendo)
I was able to select the grass and lay a layer in front to help set her in the scene.
Pose is from DM's Pretty Dawn (modified by me) (Rendo)
Poser 2014 & Photoshop
Lights by Fabiana (always MeterHigh, Mild Boreal or Warm&Soul)
(I tweak the lights to suit, as well as any pose I use.)

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