The Arrival
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A Harry Potter movie-inspired image from The Goblet of Fire- Pegasus pulling a carriage!
(I would have preferred a white Pegasus, but those 'matching' wing textures are not available yet)
Many thanks to Daio for the wing pose set! Horse mane and tail poses also by Daio! I love her work!

HW's Rodrigo by CWRW Dusk, Dawn SE, wearing dynamic clothes by Lully, Dawn's wearing the
 dynamic cape/conforming super hood by Fabiana, Materials by Lully, Nora Hair by OOT, Poses by me.
Very old carriage, harness/bridle/reins from long ago, fitted to HW Horse using Lyrra's Tack Fit set (HW).
I re-shaped front of carriage via post. Horse and new wings for horse have both been color adjusted lighter....

Alexis mermaid (credits here on her close up page) My "fantasy bird" using a couple of birds by Ken Gilliland.
(splashes are Ron's Brushes - DAZ)     Piccolo dragon from RDNA long time ago.
Background is Howie's Carrara-Noble Pines, with sky replaced by PhotoGG's Piles of Cotton cloudy sky (HW)
The camera was not supposed to 'look' at that angle/direction so I did a lot of post!  In fact this project took a week's
worth of post work to make it 'just right'.  The ORIGINAL image is 3,600 X 3000 and shows ALL the details of the
characters - highly recommended for viewing the quality of all the wonderful merchants and my work!   :)
Almost forgot- I use Eye Candy 4K for many things- in this case a 'motion blur' trail from main figures.

 as always: Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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