Arabian Fire
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I was going to call this "Waiting for the Sheik"....
but PhotoGG's fantastic sky set the color of the atmosphere and
the drama/feeling for this one, hence the name!

HiveWire horse with the Arabian breed by CWRW
Adding the mane & tail from CWRW's 2D Mane & Tail sets (HW)
I used the Native Costume for the MilHorse by Daio,
placed it, rendered in Poser separately, then layered onto the horse in Photoshop.

I used a Wiki public domain photo by Lars Simonsen of Malik the Saluki dog.
I cut the dog out of the background and also removed it's collar via photoshop.

Ken Gilliland's African Cuckoo-Hawk flies in the background,
and his small Common Kestrel for the one perched on the Falconry Perch,
wearing the "jesses" made for the birds of prey Falconry Gear
(I couldn't put it's little hood on, I prefer seeing it's face! LOL!)
I also added Ken Gilliland's Blacknecked Agama lizards from
his Lizards Volume 2 - the colorful male is watching the gray female
chomp on a June Bug (not sure June Bugs are in Africa,
but it made a good beetle that these lizards like to eat!)
I also added Ken's small Elephant Hawkmoth found in Africa.

Background created with Fire Mountain Skies by PhotoGG (HW)
I often use more than one photo from a set- cutting out parts of clouds
 from one or more photos to combine  in the main one I have chosen.
For this use, I simply lower the photo below the poser rendered sand horizon
so it's forest hills/trees do not show. Then I saturated the sky even more for drama! :)

I used the Dryland Oasis by ShaaraMuse3D,  WhimsySmiles (Rendo)
It's a good idea to keep in mind when using these wonderful props
to set poser's materials to 'normals forward' for best texture results!

I populated the oasis with Dinoraul's Queen Palms (Rendo)
(very nice palms, I could even sub-divide them!) The young palms make good 'bushes'. 

Lully's Bedouin Tent (HW) with parrotdolphin's materials sets further back,
with it's cushions, table and light hanging inside. I like this tent so much,
I kept my pz3 of it to use in another Arabian scene I have in mind! :)

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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