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                 ANIMAL   ART  3

Animals and bird models I have created!
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brycepelicans3.jpg (8668 bytes)          gorlportrait2.jpg (4250 bytes)
                           White Pelicans                       Gorilla Portrait                       

bryceheron2.jpg (10592 bytes)
                  bryceflamingos2.jpg (8270 bytes)
                     Great Blue Heron's Afternoon               Flamingos at  Dusk                             

    bryceindoors2.jpg (9047 bytes)      brazenravens2.jpg (10975 bytes)      parkinglotpicnic3.jpg (12129 bytes)
                            The Parrot Lady                     Brazen Ravens                  Parking lot Picnic                   

                              waiting4a.jpg (12054 bytes)      brycemooseweb2.jpg (7916 bytes)             mooseportrait2.jpg (9050 bytes)                    
                              Waiting for Santa                 Bryce Meadow                    Moose Portrait                       

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