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                 ANIMAL 2 

Animals and bird models I have created!
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Always Hope                                 Bryce Toucans

beaversbryce2.jpg (15531 bytes)              bryceokapi2.jpg (11283 bytes)
             Beaver Pond                                       The Bryce Okapi Boys

test images
brycescreen1a.jpg (10636 bytes)          brycescreen2a.jpg (8825 bytes)
My new Ready Pose Goats       and Gazelles in Bryce

birdstore6a.jpg (7404 bytes)
Bunch of Budgies!
macawsthumb.jpg (9510 bytes)      rodentpack1thumb.jpg (9766 bytes)

parrotplaytime2.jpg (5312 bytes)            seagullrock2.jpg (4589 bytes)
    Parrot Playtime              Seagull Rock  

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