Reaching For The Power of Life

Copyright Lyne's Creations April 2013  All Rights Reserved

Reaching For The Power of Life

Desperate for help, I reach up higher than my soul,
For The Loving Power to help me reach my goal.
I know there is an unfathomable amount of love,
I want to connect to This Power, this hopeful dove.

I've been through a terrible time, I truly wanted to die,
But I've come out the other side, I see bits of blue sky,
Because I sought help from The Power above my own,
Asking aide from the source from which all life is sown.

But only able to experience this exquisite perception,
Just two wondrous times before I lost the connection,
So utterly ephemeral was this sweet delicate reflection,
Of the Highest Power, the Original Source of all creation.

Now I only feel able to plead for my Soul's assistance,
In reaching across what seems an expanding distance,
Again ever seeking the strength of that supportive love
From a Power greater than mine, via the angels above.
~Lyne's Creations

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