You'll Get Lost in Her Eyes
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AetherDream & Luminescence3D's Amria for Dawn SR2 (HiveWire)
I'm not into "face painting" type of designs, but I fell in love with Amria's eyes...
This is "my take" on this character ... I'm a fiddler... I changed the face morph
 a bit, putting more focus on her eyes... I have more complex art in progress, but
I get distracted by a product and find myself working with it instead! LOL!

I put the old Koz "All Back" hair on Dawn, after de-saturating the "black" hair
 (which looked more brown than black) texture map and I think it holds up pretty well! 

I also applied the longer nail morph from the Soraka character for Dawn (Rendo)

Fabiana & Luci's gorgeous jewelry set called Sophia (for V4, but easily moved into place on Dawn!)

She's wearing V&V's "Falling for Dawn" jacket as a sweater- with cowl neck shape-
and with Lully's sparkly material (HiveWire)

Her pose is from a portrait set for V4 by Ilona, re-worked by me

Blue Stage BG by seasun101 from ShareCG (hue change and re-sized, blurred for distance)

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