The American West
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HW's Dusk SE .... with CWRW's Rodrigo for Dusk
Pose is from HW Dusk's Everyday poses.

What started this piece was wanting to make the old David3's Desperado outfit fit Dusk.
It was because of a conforming blouse for K4's GiGi that I converted to DYNAMIC, I
made the effort to see if I could do the same with these clothing items. (and then do up a
pictorial "how to" to post...still working on that). I was able to make the breeches
and especially the duster into dynamic cloth for Dusk quite well. I feel too that the
textures by LisaB held up REALLY NICE for this clothing!
I just put the D3 Desperado boots in place.

The shirt is Dusk's own Long Sleeve TeeShirt (HW)...I used
the HW cowboy hat too...and Ken1171's neck scarf.

HW horse (Mustang) and HW Western Tack by Fab3D, CWRW, Chris & Paul
It was a painstaking long challenge to get the reins in his hand right in Poser,
and I'm very happy that I actually did that!
I did use CWRW's mane and tail pack to do just the crest.
Pose for the horse and tail is from Daio's Show Off set of poses FOR
the HW horse's body, mane & Tail (HW)

The beautiful wolf is from Jane Eden's Wolf Pack 2D painted wolves (Rendo)

The foreground is ShaaraMuse's new Mystic Redlands scenery - a really super
nice set!!! I had so much fun just moving the parts around to get the exact look I
wanted!  (the tree branch is from Dinoraul's tree)  (Rendo)

The sky background is PhotoGG's FireMountain Skies With Trees (HW)

Songbird Remix Ken Gilliland's Golden Eagle and lizard. (HW)

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights (Rendo) & Photoshop

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