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What Have I Done?!

I bought Dawn another shiny new pair of high heels,
And that's started me on a long road, with slippery wheels,
Grabbing every pair of foot ware, it's quite an amazing sight!
Then too, I am a perfectionist, everything must be just right,

I'm in a frenzy of insane creative UN-ease,
Everyone will not believe what I did with all these:
I've 15 pairs of Dawn's sandals, boots and shoes,
Stuffing them into my scene and breaking all the rules!

My Poser 2014's pz3 is topping out at 585 megabytes,
I'm frantically saving a lot, 'cause I have the: "will it crash" frights!
Then too, with three kittens cavorting with shoes in an all out brawl,
It will be fearful challenging hard work to post brush them all!

So I'll see you when this giant project is done,
And we all will see if I have indeed won!
~Post Script~
At last I'm happy... it was work, but it was fun!
And I really do hope I have pleased everyone!?
~Lyne's Creations                                         

Mysthero's high heels for Dawn started this whole idea/project!
Dawn is putting on those amazing heels - with their cyber-tech look,
AND the pink pair in front are the SAME shoe, with the buckles/deco's
hidden! Like Mysthero's gorgeous Porsche car I bought, these shoes
are SO versatile, not only fits for many figures, but the morphs in each
shoe - allowing for dozens of looks & perfect fit in any pose!
There are a lot if material options as well!
Mysthero is, as far as I am concerned, a TOP QUALITY complete
model/morph creator! I couldn't be more happy with Mysthero's products!!

Fabiana's  Fabulous Oriana character (Rendo) for Dawn,
wearing OOT Nora hair, her pose started out as a V4
pose, then modified by me.  She sits surrounded by many
of Lully's HiveWire Dawn - dynamic clothes that I created to either
lay on the bed or fall to the floor to create clothing clutter!
(see a "How To" do that here: http://www.lynescreations.com/wip12.htm
including how to handle clothing that has constrained areas!)
She sits on the Ultimate Bed by Powerage (Rendo). The bed's blanket
(or sheet as it's called) has Fabiana's "Essential Blanket" rose material. (Rendo)
She's wearing Esha's Intimates with Rena's textures for them(Rendo)

The room is my often used bay window area of the Great Room (DAZ for Poser)
I added Lully's fantastic curtains from her "Drapery set" (HW)
Bottles on windowsill are from DAZ (old models)
LisaB's gorgeous Hydrangeas in her Palm Pot (with Fabi's modified potter material)
HiveWire kittens using both Daio's Home Life and the HW Kitten Poses, playing around shoes.
Freebie Field Mouse (Rendo) on the windowsill has the attention of the HW adult house cat (pose by me)

i13_athleticShoes for Dawn (Rendo)
Universal cowboy boot with stiletto morph) and CWRW's material (HW)
i13ironman's strapped heels
Equestrian boots and short Work boots by Glitterati3D (HW)
Combat boots for Dawn (HW)
Lilly Heels by hitman47 &  Arryn (Rendo- still here, as they are both for Dawn and V4)
Bad Kitty Shimmery ribbon wedge-sandals (with cork wedge material by me) for Dawn from
the outfit and shoes which seem to be no longer sold by BK Co.... too bad as they are top quality for Dawn!!
Flats by nikisatez (Rendo)
Pretty Sandals for Dawn by DM (Rendo)
Platform pumps for Dawn (HW)
Glitterati3D's FlipFlops (HW)
Karth's Fringe Sandals (with ankle parts hidden) (HW)
Moccasins (morph for the HW Universal cowboy boot) by Flint_Hawk (HW-Morning Dove set) (HW)
JustMe heels (lower right) from the JustMe outfit by Rose 2000 (HW)
Deceey's Carnie Boots (HW)
*and yes I have even a few more shoes for Dawn, but couldn't fit them in!*
One can never have enough kinds of shoes! :)

TIP/TRICK:  when two shoes are just one figure you can move one shoe by selecting
the LEG PARTS for that shoe... I did this for Glitterati3D's FlipFlops, etc.

 as always: Fabiana's Lights in Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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