Let's All Get Along!
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The HiveWire's new Big Cat- Leopard once again, first as a "Cat-Taur" (centaur-like man)
using "Nataani" for Dusk by Child of Fire, with the Dusk Loin Cloth, the tooth from Ken's
Royal Hawaiian necklace (cord is entirely post work)... and SAV's Aram hair. (Rendo)

The second leopard is his misbehaving companion, who is being told to stop bothering
the tiny Royal Flycatcher birds, who are only defending their nests... This little So. American
bird can be found in Ken's Yucatan set, as well as the Black-throated Magpie Jay. Ken's large
macaw (with coloring changed by me in post) can be found in his Amazon set of birds!

The scene is set using a public domain photo of the jungle of Costa Rica, and Stonemason's
Jungle Ruins (main set and add on set- from DAZ).  In front I placed Dinoraul's Philodendrons,
from Rendo.  I created the dead philodendron leaves from the main plant render, via post work,
casting shadows either with my freebie cast shadow action or from scratch in photoshop.

Ron's Spider web brushes for the web.  I can't remember where I got the spider, sorry.
I added Noggin's (DAZ) huge brilliant blue butterflies found in South America.

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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