Aine's Discovery
Copyright Lyne's Creations July 2016 ~ All Rights Reserved

Aine is the Fae child morph/maps/clothes created by
Satira Capriccio for HiveWire's Diva by Pendraia Fae for Dawn.
*For this piece, I did not use the Aine morph, just the skin, hair, clothes for Aine*
(Aine is the Irish goddess associated with midsummer and the sun)

The Gold Dust Day Gecko from Nature's Wonders Lizards of the World Vol. 1 by
Songbird Remix Ken Gilliland @ HiveWire clings to LisaB's Salvia plant/blossom (HiveWire)

I also used Ken's Golden Eagle and Blue Jay plus Noggin's butterflies to liven the scene.

all backed by PhotoGG's Piles of Cotton (cloudy sky with grass/trees photo)

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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